#BETTER in 2016

I don't believe in resolutions.  There, I said it.  I spent many years of my life mapping out new resolutions for each year and never following through.  Work less, play more, lose weight, read more books, travel the world.  Each year, more than half of the list would repeat from the previous year.  But once again, fail.  And somehow by December, I always forgot how I didn't accomplish them last year.

Then, I changed my perspective.  One word.  That's all.  One little word to be my focus for the next twelve months.  Resolutions can be broken and lead to us disappointing ourselves.  Every decision that I make throughout the year is made using this word in mind. 

In 2012, my word was CONFIDENCE.  I didn't tell anyone my word that year because I was ashamed.  I started that year without a job, a major health scare, no career plan, and not sure what to do.  On the outside, I looked fine.  Yup, that's the word fine.  Not great, not bad, just fine. But on the inside, I was unsure and lacking conviction.

2013 was about FOCUS.  My goals, my plan, my future.  In every area of my life, it was time to start dialing in.  2014 was about CHANGE.  This word really drove my personal decisions and challenged me at work to think outside the box.  I was feeling complacent in a lot of ways. I was ready to change and make moves, even if it required starting over.  When you decide to alter your life, it requires a different outlook on the mundane day to day rhythms.   

2015 was an extraordinary year for me.  My word of the year... SOAR! Make decisions that would lead to feeling uplifted.  I took risks and chances.  I was bold and determined to make 2015 the year I took flight.  And I did!

So, that leads us to 2016.  My career is right where I want it to be, my family is all happy and healthy, my friends are more like family and my personal life is off to a great start this year.  What word can I focus on every day, all year long.  One word that sums up who I want to be and how I want to live.  BETTER! 

I want to be a better version of me.  A better friend, better boss, better partner, better sister & daughter, better giver, better person.  Just BETTER.  It's not about changing myself this year, I've accepted the woman that I am today, both my wonderful attributes and my flaws.  I'm focused on just improving on the things that I already love about me.