Christina McCombs - Tina Marie Interior Design

"I can honestly say my business wouldn't be as successful as it is today without Shannon's guidance and advice. When I first started, I hired Shannon simply as a sounding board to make sure my marketing efforts were what I needed for my company. Little did I know she would help me determine the direction we would take. Shannon listened to all my ideas and dreams for the business, but quickly made me focus and develop an obtainable goal structure and business plan. By honing my skills and efforts in to growing the high end residential interior design side of my business, I grew my business from nothing to a multi-million dollar design firm in 3 short years.  We are now adding new revenue streams, none of which were part of my original plan, by the way, and should double our business again in 2016. Shannon has become an invaluable resource and will always be part of my business."

Mary & Jamie – Key Moment Films


"Shannon has such an electric personality and exudes a passion for the growth of others. Her style is so encouraging and supportive yet challenging in that perfectly good way that helps you reach maximum potential and feel safe to step out of your comfort zone. We have attended entire conferences along with her and felt that there was more “take away” from one conversation with Shannon than all the seminars combined. She is truly brilliant!"

Renee Pool – Historic Magnolia Ballroom, Texas

"I've known Shannon both personally and professionally since the start of my career.  She was my go-to person for consulting at my new job, an Event Venue in Texas. In a short amount of time, Shannon was able to assess the Venue’s immediate needs, make numerous suggestions about ways of increasing business, and gave me a To-Do list ranging from ASAP items to long-term goals. Shannon is extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the business world and it’s trends, and I look forward to utilizing her services as our Venue continues to grow!"

“Hard work, a dedication to success and a proven leader... Shannon IS the key to success!”
— Jay Edwards - Liquid Entertainment

Bonnie Dutka – Mobella Events

"The thing I love about Shannon is that she is always looking out for me! She has helped by giving me tips on creating sales, business processes and how to reach my target market. She's also a connector and is full of ideas. Every time I meet with Shannon, I feel energized with a plan and know what my next action steps need to be. I wish I could have had Shannon consult for my business from the very beginning. I recommend Shannon's consulting services 100% and can tell you for a fact, she will save you time, money and give you confidence!"

Shannon is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable people I have ever met. I've never come across anyone like her who just has that nack for being able to always give the best advice to someone no matter what the situation is. She can look at someone's operation and provide invaluable feedback on things another professional can do to take their business to the next level. Shannon lights up a room when she is in it and people just gravitate towards her and always ask for advice. 

Just the advice Shannon gave about becoming a better networker alone was pure gold for our business and invaluable to anyone try to take that next step or event those of us who think we know it all but really don't. She makes people feel more confident and it's effortless. I can't think of anyone else I could refer better than Shannon to help anyone's business thrive. Whether you have a one-person operation or a deep rooted long time exiting large company in any industry, Shannon can make a big difference for anyone.

Shannon takes the time to really understand her client’s vision and goals. Her insight is so honest and valuable, I can genuinely say my business
wouldn’t be what it is today without her.
— Christy Subler, owner Anna Christine Events