About the Experience

It all started with a recent question from a friend... "What do you want to be when you grow up?" She was joking, but not really.  So, I started thinking about what do I want to do next and what am I passionate about when it comes to my work life.  We spend too many hours of our lives at a job to not love what you do. 

I thought about where I've been and when was I the happiest.  Many of my greatest moments recently came from the same type of event.  I would get together for a quick bite or coffee with a friendor and after catching up, they would ask for my advice about their business. 

I have a knack looking at the situation from a bird's eye view and being honest with the real problem and solutions to fix it.  I'm candid and truthful, even when you don't want to hear it.  The highlight is always the call, text or email later saying that they've tried what I recommended and it's working for them!  It made me happy to be able to use the things that I've learned to help others be successful.  

It was like a lightbulb went off! I realized that this was my gift and my passion, to use mytalents to help those who need a little inspiration to take their business to the next level. To empower and encourage them to discover new passions in their business.

If you like simple advice to grow your business, inspiration, unique sales tips, a chat over coffee, outside the box marketing, enjoying life, encouragement & motivation, and positive reinforcement, you've found the right person to follow. 

Welcome to The Shannon Experience! 

“Shannon Tarrant is someone who can hold her audiences attention, she speaks with value and delivers a clear and concise message. Every interaction I have with Shannon adds value to my business and my own personal development. Shannon’s experience with the customer experience, sales knowledge and ability to grow positive comps year-after-year makes her someone I look to when needing a sounding board for my own business. I have utilized Shannon’s expertise in the industry, to grow and develop both the client experience and the investment side of my business. Having Shannon as a mentor aided in me achieving my 5 year goal, 2.5 years into my business, for this I thank her for always providing me with honest, constructive and valuable feedback.”
— Kathy Thomas - Kathy Thomas Photography